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The history of Department of Chemistry is as old as 1923. It was known as “Science Department” in the days of McLagan Engineering College Lahore, which offered the subjects of chemistry, physics and mathematics to Engineering disciplines. However, an independent Department of Chemistry was established in 1961, when McLagan College of Engineering was upgraded to University, presently University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. It was a supporting department for teaching applied chemistry courses to engineering disciplines until 1994

The department started M Sc. applied chemistry program in 1995. While the M.Phil an rams in Chemistry were started after 2000. The department is also offering applied chemistry courses to various Engineering disciplines that include Electrical, Chemical, Polymer, Metallurgical, Mining, Geological, and, Petroleum and Gas Engineering Compulsory factory training is a part of M.Sc curriculum. The main objective of the training is to establish collaboration between chemistry department and industry, and to develop professional approach in the students Promotion of higher Education and Postgraduate Research continues to be the main objective of the department. The development of new fields and discoveries in chemistry are incorporated into courses by regularly upgrading the curriculum. The curricula and syllabi are relevant to the HEC criteria and international standards. The department offers courses in a number of specialized areas like Electrochemistry and Clean Energy, Green Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Material Chemistry, Organic Geochemistry, Advance NMR Spectroscopy, Inorganic Mass Spectrometry, Advanced Color Chemistry and Technology, X-ray Diffraction Techniques and Food Chemistry and Technology. There are several well-equipped laboratories having a number of modern instruments like UV-Visible spectrophotometer, FTIR, Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer, GC-FID, GC-FPD, GC-MS, HPLC-UV, high temperature furnaces, Polarimeters, Potentiometer, EDAC, Incubator Shaker, High Speed Control Centrifuge, Low Temperature Incubators, Vacuum Pumps, Schilink Lines and some Electrochemical instruments. In addition, there is a departmental library and a computer lab to facilitate the students.The department has highly qualified faculty to meet the diverse needs of curriculum. It is committed to educate and train students through effective teaching and research. The department features enriched educational and research environment that reflects its tradition of dedication and commitment to the profession. The academic staff of the department has brought out a large number of publications in journals of national and international repute. The dedication of our faculty towards teaching and research has made the department one of the leading chemistry departments in the country.


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